IAP Worldwide Services Expansion To Wider Markets

IAP Worldwide Services is the leading company in the provision of facilities management, global-scale logistics, and advanced professional and technical services. The firm operates in more than 25 countries and has more than 2,000 employees. Its headquarters are in Cape Canaveral, FL. The Chief Executive Officer and Director of the organization is Douglas Kitani.

As last year came to an end, IAP Worldwide Services announced that it had acquired DRS Technologies, Inc.’s Aviation & Logistics firm that is situated at Oklahoma City. The conglomerate also bought the Tactical Communications & Network Solution (TCNS) business that is located in Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland. Tactical Communications & Network Solutions primarily deals with information technology, engineering, and communications support solutions to several agencies including the United States Department of Defense (DOD). On the other hand, Aviation & Logistics deal with logistics, mission support services, and aircraft repair management. The acquisition of the two firms will undoubtedly increase the operations of IAP Worldwide Services and enable the company to venture into wider markets.

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IAP Worldwide Services will figure out a way to incorporate the unique talents and roles performed by both Aviation & Logistics and Tactical Communications & Network Solutions to achieve its long-term goals and growth strategy. Without a doubt, the two acquisitions will increase IAP Worldwide Services’ delivery power to its clients in both the local and global scale. Moreover, the acquisitions will more than double IAP’s addressable market in the coming years. The two new businesses will be augmented into a single unit by IAP that will be called Aviation & Engineering Solutions. IAP’s National Security Program unit will also be part of the new unit. The Chief Executive Officer of IAP Worldwide Services said that the addition of the communications, aviation, a networking technologies business are a perfect match for the company’s ever-expanding portfolio of services to the U.S. and international government agencies and organizations.

Douglas Kitani continued by saying that earlier in 2015, IAP Worldwide had established an organic growth structure that was focused on discipline, innovation, and lean operations in their central government segment. The company also had a strategy for inorganic growth that would be realized by integrating firms that complement their core business. He concluded by saying that the acquisitions showed the ambitions and support that both the investors and the board had in the company’s long-term commitment to serving its clients.

Keeping The Lips Smooth And Moist With Evolution of Smooth

It is important to keep the lips smooth. For one thing, dry and chapped lips can cause a lot of problems. At the very least, dry and chapped lips draw attention to themselves. There are a lot of symptoms that could come from dry and chapped lips. Among the symptoms that one has to face is itching and pealing lips. Of course people handle chapped lips in a different manner. Some may find themselves peeling their lips which can irritate the lips even worse. Fortunately, there are other solutions to the problem which can actually make things better. This is in the form of lip balm.
One form of lip balm is Evolution Of Smooth. EOS lip balm is very innovative when it comes to solving the problem of chapped lips. It takes care of the inflammation in ways that other lip balms fail to do. For one thing, the lip balm that is offered by the company is created with Shea butter and jojoba oil. This makes EOS not only great for moisturizing lips, but also good for restoring the health of the lips so that people will not have to deal with chapped lips. Check out their products on Walmart.

To make things even better, EOS comes in many different flavors. These flavors also make it very tasty. People will not only get to enjoy the benefits of EOS lip balm, but they will also enjoy the great taste of strawberry sorbet, acai, pomegranate and plenty of other flavors. So not only will they get to enjoy the lip moisturizing benefits of EOS lip balm, but they will also remember to keep applying the lip balm because of the great flavors that they get to experience. As more people learn about the benefits of EOS products, they will see that this is one of the top options for lip restoration. Get EOS lip balm products in your local Walmart supermarket or on their website at https://evolutionofsmooth.com/. You can also order it on eBay.


How a Dubai-Based Couple, Sanjay an Usha, is Increasing Autism Awareness by Organizing Autism Rocks Festival

The Dubai Autism Awareness Month commenced on 2nd April 2016. The charges for the Autism Rocks Festival were Dh50 per person. American rappers that performed at the concert were Tyga and Flo Rida. Their performance was meant to increase autism awareness and encourage people to donate for research endeavors dedicated to this medical condition.

Sanjay Shah Denmark and Usha, a Dubai-based couple organized the Autism Rocks festival to change the perceptions of people regarding autism. Usha spoke to XPRESS regarding how the need to change people’s perceptions was as a result of personal commitment. She also mentioned that she has an autistic son named Nikhil together with her husband. The main reason why they organized this festival was to provide a lot of exposure to kids living with autism.

The Autism Rocks festival was established back then in 2014. It has amassed over £600,000 and hosted celebrities such as Drake, Prince, Michael Buble and Lenny Kravitz both in Dubai and London. Usha pointed out that the reason why Tyga and Flo Rida were headlined to perform at the concert is because they could help spread autism awareness to the youth. These two artists also make music that target the youth. The official DJs scheduled to perform were Fever and BFG.

About Sanjay Shah

Sanjay Shah is the founder and CEO of Solo Capital Partners. He also owns Aesa S.a.r.l, which oversees Solo Group Holdings’ operations. He was a medicine student before deciding to venture into the investment and financial sector. He has also worked as an accountant with several investment banks such as Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch and Credit Cruise. Shah is also the owner of several companies across The Cayman Islands, London, Luxembourg, The British Virgin Islands, Malta and Dubai.

Before the main incorporation of his Solo Capital, Shah amassed £19 million during the fiscal year that ended in March 31, 2011. In 2014, Sanjay Shah took over an invitation-only and institutional stockbroker, Old Park Lane Capital that mainly focuses on natural resources. His net worth is US$280 million as of January 2016. Though he considers himself retired, he has offices across Dubai and London.

Top Inmate Communications Regulations For A Successful Fourth Quarter

Far too often inmate communications is not properly regulated by a decent provider, but Securus Technologies changes all of that. They ensure that you receive every minute guaranteed under your contract. They work closely with the Public Utility Commission to mandate quality assurance. They have been proudly serving the public for over 50 years. Many families complain about not being able to stay connected with their loved ones because of the cost of traditional inmate calls. Inmates rely on inmate communications to get their needs met, have access to legal counsel, and communicate with their loved ones.

They have created technological features that give you advanced communication abilities. They listen to customer feedback and understood the need to reduce the cost of calling for inmates and provide quality service. Now with Securus Technologies you can save money by avoiding the need to transport to an actual facility. Customers will be glad that they switched to Securus because they also monitor and surveillance inmate calls so you’ll always receive top quality access to telephone communications. Each call is handled with complete governmental regulations. Reliable telephone communications are affordable, easy to use, and available from inside the correctional facility for inmates.

Securus Technologies now offers video chat features that will allow inmates to talk face-to-face. You don’t have to commute to a facility because you can talk over the internet. Securus also offers this feature for visitation. You must be on a patients visiting list to use the online video chat visitation. This feature works great for inmates that have disabled family members or families that are in another state. The highest standard of inmate calling is their complete priority at Securus Technologies. You’re invited to visit their easy to read and navigate website for more details and information on their features and services.

New Commercial Projects Coming to NYC

While the New York City real estate market has been considered one of the strongest in the country for decades, 2016 will mark one of the biggest years that the city has ever had. While it seems like the city would have run out of land or development sites by now, there are suddenly many big real estate projects that are coming online or ending development in 2016.

One exciting project coming to New York City will be taking place in the Bronx. The real estate firm Omni New York will be building a new 154-unit residential apartment building in the Melrose neighborhood of the Bronx. The building will have about a 150,000 square foot footprint and will be about 15 stories in height. According to the permits filed, it will likely have some level of affordable housing component, although the exact amounts are not yet known. The building will also have some retail square footage located on the ground floor, which will help to serve the residents of the building and the other local communities located nearby.

Another project that will be coming online will be taking place in Manhattan. Located on 48th Street, Hidrock Realty will be developing a new 31-story hotel in Midtown East. This hotel will have about 161 guestrooms in total and will have a ground floor retail space. While the ultimate operator of the hotel is not yet known, it will likely be a higher-end operator. Hidrock bought the land in 2014 for around $50 million.

If you are looking to invest in New York City real estate or to purchase a new home in the city, a great place to start your search would be with Town Residential. Town Residential is a boutique firm that specializes in luxury apartments for rent in New York City. The company provides a variety of services to clients, homebuyers, developers, and property managers. They also provide the marketplace with up to date market information through their regular newsletters. This will help to ensure that any of their clients are provided with the most current market information.

Thor Halvorssen Continues His Fight Against Authoritarianism

Thor Halvorssen is the president of Human Rights Foundation (HRF) in New York. He started the foundation in 2005. Thor is half-Norwegian, and half-Venezuelan. He was born and grew up in Caracas. He grandfather was the consul in Venezuela for the Norwegian King, during World War II. His mother is a descendant of the first president of Venezuela. Thor takes human rights, and individual liberties very seriously.

While Thor worked as a drug czar in Venezuela, his father was in a prison in Caracas. His mother was shot during a demonstration against Hugo Chavez. However, Thor loves people. He cares about people who are having their freedom and personal liberties taken away from them.

At HRF, Vadav Havel was chairman until his death in 2011. Garry Kasparov is the current chairman. In 2012, Kasparov was beaten when he was protesting the guilty verdict of Pussy Riot, a punk band that was convicted of singing a song against Putin.

Thor Halvorssen is thought of as a radical over his criticism of Latin American dictators. He considers himself to be a liberal although many class him as a conservative. He doesn’t look at people by their political leanings, he just looks for those who want to rid the world of tyrants.

HRF’s staff of 12 covers various corners of the world, shedding light on cruel dictators and the political prisoners they maintain. They seem to go after only big fish, even though they are a small organization. HRF offers an annual Oslo Freedom Forum, which is covered by most human rights reporters. Major donors to HRF include Peter Thiel of PayPal, and Sergey Brin of Google.

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George Soros New Rising

The famous billionaire and investor George Soros, who has been scaling down into political philanthropy after the unprecedented $27 million dollars spending spree tat, was aimed at defeating George W. Bush in the 2004 presidential election, has been quietly emerged as the leading Democrats politics funder – he is the very main boogeyman of the conservatives.

George Soros has been donating and committed more than $25 million in an attempt to boost Hillary Clinton as well as other democrat’s candidates and other causes. This is according to the Federal Elections Commission that interviews and records with his Democratic and associate fundraising operatives. Other associates together with him say that they are expecting that Soros, who has amassed a fortune that is estimated to be more than, $24.9 billion through his very risky trade in currency is set to give more and more as the elections day are nearing.

The 85-year-old George Soros, who was born in Hungary and currently resides in New York, planned to be part of the attendees of the Democratic convention and watch Clinton on wsj.com, with whom e has known for more than twenty-five years now and accept her as the Democratic nominee for the president. But one of the associates in the meeting said that he decided to have the trip cancelled this week because he has recently returned to active trading and has felt that he has to monitor the economic situation in Europe.

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Never the less, the people that are so close to George Soros say that he seems to be more engaged in politics tan even in the active trading over the past few years. He says by the combination of faith in Clinton, as well as the fear of her rival Donald Trump, who has been accused of doing the ISIS work by George Soros is currently stocking fears.

Michael Von, George Soros political advisor, said that his boss has been for a long time now a consistent donor to all the issues that are facing the Democrats. He also says that this year’s the stakes in politics are very high, and that explains why he has been engaged in active and numerous giving’s this year. They were high even before Trump was a nominee of the Republicans because there was stiff competition in the presidential candidates. This was because of the kind of hostility that was experienced in the way people were engaged with the things that George Soros cared most about. He has always worked to care about things that include immigration reforms, criminal justice, as well as religious tolerance for many years now. George Soros is now willing to turn in more cash to ensure that Hillary Clinton beats Trump. See: http://www.cnbc.com/george-soros/

New Brunswick Devco’s Involvement In Financing For The Heldrich

Early this year, the Middlesex County Improvement Authority failed to honor its obligations on a $20 million loan issued by Casino Reinvestment Development Authority (CRDA). The loan was made in 2005. For five years, the Improvement Authority had racked up almost $7 million in non-payment. The loan funded the construction of The Heldrich. The New Brunswick Development Corporation developed this hotel and conference center based in Brunswick. The New Brunswick Development Corporation played an instrumental role in financing for The Heldrich. However, the Middlesex County Improvement Authority borrowed the $20 million.

According to Stephen Sweeney, Senate President, funneling public dollars through private organizations has positive outcomes, especially on large-scale constructions. The Heldrich was opened in 2007. Since its inception, the hotel has been struggling to attract guests. In 2015, its occupancy rate stood at 63.5%. Johnson & Johnson had the largest account. This is because its executives sat on the board of directors of New Brunswick Development Corporation. At some point, the Heldrich was so cash strapped that it used nearly $776,000 of its income to pay for basic capital expenses.

While commenting on the repayment of the $20 million loan, John Palmieri, executive director of CRDA, said that the agency issued the loan knowing that it would rank last in terms of repayment. He continued to state that CRDA makes risky loans but allows other lenders to participate. This information was originally written on Press of Atlantic City as explained in the following link

  • http://www.pressofatlanticcity.com/news/breaking/unpaid-million-crda-loan-raises-questions-about-new-brunswick-devco/article_a03318e2-dcdb-11e5-a563-67611bc7b7bc.html

About Devco

New Brunswick Development Corporation is also known as DEVCO. This is a private company engaged in development of urban real estate. It was founded in the 1970’s with the objective of revitalizing the city. The corporation has invested over $1.6 billion in New Brunswick. Devco has attractive structures of project financing. It also maintains strong public-private partnerships and strategic alliances. Irrespective of the challenging times, Devco has succeeded with its development agenda for the city because of its distinctive focus on redevelopment.


A Brief Guide to Crystal Hunt

Crystal Hunt is one of the many actresses who has been in and around the entertainment business in Hollywood for a long time.

Crystal Hunt was born on February 5, 1985. A native of Clearwater, Florida, Hunt took an early liking to being in show business, the earliest example came in the form of her starting off in pageants by the tender age of two, mostly for acting. As she grew older she moved on from acting in simple pageants to acting on television. Her first television roles were involving commercials, a major one saw her starring in ads for the 25th anniversary celebration of The Walt Disney Company and anti-drug commercials alongside pop band *NSYNC.

Crystal Hunt’s first big name role came when she was cast as Lizzie Spaulding in the CBS soap opera, Guiding Light. She worked on the show from three years, from 2003 to 2006 and even earned herself a Daytime Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series in 2005. She was also nominated for a Soap Opera Digest Award for that same year. Her time on Guiding Light is what Hunt is most widely known for, though it was not her only role. The other major role that she landed was on ABC’s One Life To Live, where she played the character of Stacy Morasco starting in 2009, but leaving the show a year later and returning as a recurring role until 2012.

Apart from starring in two major daytime soap operas, Crystal Hunt has been involved in several other television shows and movies. Some of these roles include being featured in The Derby Stallion in 2005, Sydney White in 2007 and in Magic Mike XXL in 2015, the sequel to the original Magic Mike. Hunt has also recently been a part of Queens of Drama, a scripted reality television series that debuted in 2015. Follow Crystal on Facebook for more information.

Helane Morrison: Ready to Take on the World

Helane Morrison is a woman of the world. She is someone that believes in the old-fashioned American way of hard work and giving it all that you have when it comes to your job. Your job, in a lot of ways, defines who you are as a person. It defines what you stand for, what you believe in, and what you care about and where your passion lies. Helane Morrison is filled with passion. Each and every morning that she gets up, she knows she is making a difference with her numerous job titles. That means something to her. How many people can say that about her job?

Helane Morrison is currently the General Counsel, Managing Director, a member of the firm’s Executive Committee, and Managing Director of Hall Capital Partners. This is not a job that was handed to her or a job that came easy. She has been with the firm since 2007, which is almost ten years. In today’s economy, that type of longevity is rare. However, she is someone that is impossible to replace. She never becomes complacent, lazy, or content at her job. Helane has the type of mentality that you must treat each day and each job task with the utmost importance.

You know how when you are starting out you have that hunger inside of you? You are young, hungry, and you want to prove to the world what you have and that you have what it takes. That is what Helane Morrison has started with it and it has stayed with her throughout her career. She has stayed hungry and stayed with it. Of course, life is always going to present challenges and obstacles to you. You can either let these things make you or break you. Helane Morrison has learned from everything in her career.

If it was good, she took that and remembered it and falls back on it when times can get tough. If it was bad, she remembered how she handled it and tries to handle it differently or learn from what went wrong. She is always learning and has always had a thirst for learning and knowing as much as possible. That is why she takes on so many job titles. They all intersect with each other and work hand-in-hand. What is most exciting to me is I don’t know what the future holds for Helane Morrison. Whatever it is, I know she will pass it with flying colors.