How To Suppress Negative Content And Attract Positive Reviews

Are you looking for a way to protect your business or brand against online treats or attacks? Need a reliable system to help you monitor and management your online reputation? If you are a business owner or organization manager, it extremely important to have a good online reputation management system in place.

You may have heard all sorts of stories related to online Reputation Defender and review and how your reputation can effect your success and revenue. It’s true – people go online searching for information about products, services and companies before deciding where to make a purchase.

Negative reviews or derogatory remarks can be from malicious competitors or irate customers or other who are not happy with the service they have received. Because your online reputation has a huge effect on whether people patronize your business or not, it is extremely important to establish a good online reputation. There are experts who can help you address these matters appropriately so you can move on with your business.

It is advisable to establish a good reputation and ensure that customers and clients are absolutely impressed with what they read about you or your company when they look you up in search engines and social media sites.

For a business or professional, reliable online reputation management is essential in today’s business environment. Every business owner should strive to have a good online reputation, otherwise they will not operate successfully. Having a great online reputation will entice clients and customers and make them feel confident in dealing with the company.

There are many good companies and professionals that provide online reputation management service. What you need is a company that has an established history of providing satisfactory service to clients. If you do your research properly, you will certainly find the right company for your reputation management needs.

A reputation management firm that caters to clients from a wide variety of industries, is a great choice. Before you choose, and sign up with a company, make sure they have top notch resources that will help you track results without hassles.


Lebaton Sucharow’s Client Receives One of the Biggest SEC Whistleblower Awards

In an announcement released to newsrooms, Labaton Sucharow LLP proudly revealed that SEC rewarded about $17 million to an individual represented by the firm as a whistleblower. The award is the second largest to be given since the program started six years ago. The whistleblower, who was represented by the firm anonymously, exposed some fraudulent activities in the financial services sector.

According to sources from SEC, the whistleblower gave crucial information that led to sanctions on the major contributors in the wrongdoing. As it was previously recommended by the commission, the whistleblower decided to remain anonymous. The chairman of Labaton Sucharow LLP Jordan Thomas lauded his client’s bold move to come up and reveal the wrongdoings in a situation where others would have been silenced with petty cash. He said that the recent development will encourage others who are still afraid to expose wrongdoings in different sectors of the economy to do so in order to bring sanity in the industry.

The Whistleblower Program was enacted into law by the Congress in 2010 under the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. It was one of the elements of a bigger attempt to make revolutionary changes in the country’s financial regulation since the global financial crisis. The program is designed to enhance consumer and employment protection and give monetary awards to people who report violations of SEC regulations and the federal securities law.

The program requires SEC to pay between 10% and 30% of the total monetary penalties collected from the offenders. SEC whistleblowers are also given protection from possible retaliatory attempts from the wrongdoers. The program received a positive response from the people and law firms in the country. Labaton Sucharow became the first law firm to establish a department exclusively dedicated to representing those who want to expose financial violations. The firm’s whistleblower representation is regarded by many as one of the best so far. The firm has a team of expert investigators and financial analysts who carry out background checks to discover the truth and weight of the allegations before establishing a case.

Labaton Sucharow CEO Jordan Thomas played an integral role in ensuring the program became functional and relevant in the country. Other law firms have also realized the potential of whistleblower program when it comes profitability and reputation. Law firms are slowly adopting the program into their system, and the number of cases from different firms is expected to increase significantly in future.

David Osio Has Taken Investing To A New Level

Each and every day there are people out there looking to find the secrets to success and want to hear the tricks from experts in order to achieve them. This is especially true when it comes to investing and entrepreneurship. Often times, people believe that investing costs a lot of money in order to get started, but this is not always true today. There are tons of deals out there and foreclosed properties that are going for huge discounts. David Osio, one of the leading investors of real estate in South America, got his start in just the same way. He was able to build up his business and properties without any financial supports or huge sums of cash. Through his dedication and persistence, he managed to steadily make his way up.

David Osio believes investing in real estate can be quite simple for people to get into, as long as they are persistent at reaching their goals. The principals are also simple to follow, which is to buy, repair, maintain for cash flow, and then sell for profit. A common method is also to buy up properties and maintain them to keep the cash flow coming and building over time, most typically done with the low to middle quality properties that do not go up in value much. David made use of this by buying many properties during the low times, and then waited for them to go back up to make a lot of profit.

Proper financing and financial management is an important thing to consider when it comes to investing, and there are many different opinions on the matter. People can always go to a bank and try to receive a loan, but getting financed through a bank is usually difficult for most people, especially beginners. It also allows one to build up a lot of leverage, which can be a bad thing in the case of an economy crash. In any case, it’s important for people to consider the risks of investing and debt, which is where David tries to educate people.

David Osio will continue to expand his business and himself moving forward, and he wants to give back to the community as much as possible, along with helping people reach their goals for success by offering his expertise.

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Cone Marshall New Zealand Foreign Tax Experts

Having to do business in a foreign country can be complicated, time-consuming and not always fruitful. There will be local tax codes and a host of other procedures that must be dealt with. Individuals, as a rule, have little or no experience in these matters and should not attempt to manage these issues on their own. Every country has its own set of guidelines and requirements that must be met before any type of transaction can be brought to a successful conclusion and New Zealand is no exception. While New Zealand is one of the most desirable places in the world to live, or perhaps operate a business, their tax codes and other financial procedures can be confusing for the average person.

Before attempting to navigate through New Zealand’s laws, tax code, etc. it is advisable to have legal representation from a firm headquartered in New Zealand itself. Cone Marshall Limited is just such a legal firm. Based in Auckland, New Zealand it provides trustee and trust management services specializing exclusively in international trust and tax planning and is the only law firm in New Zealand that concentrates exclusively on these matters. Through its affiliate companies, it also provides trustee and trust management services to families and their advisors.

In order to benefit from the services of Cone Marshall, you must be first represented by an attorney, a family advisor, private bank or other institution located outside New Zealand. They will not accept private clients, they are better able to serve you if they can work with a professional in the field. Talking to this representative will better help them to understand your situation.

Geoffrey Cone established Cone Marshall Limited in 1999. A graduate of the University of Otago, New Zealand, he has extensive experience in tax and trust law. He first practiced law in Auckland in 1980, soon moving to Christchurch, there he joined a major law firm where he practiced commercial litigation, tax, and trust advisory work and often appeared in court acting as the lead counsel.

Karen Marshall has worked at Cone Marshall since 2005 and became a principle in the company in 2006. She brings years of experience in commercial litigation, trustee’s liability, trustee’s powers and security for third parties especially in regards to liabilities. Karen has been a valuable representative and adviser to multiple Charitable Trusts.

Cone Marshall have established themselves as the industry leader in New Zealand for assistance in all matters concerning tax, trust, succession, and structuring advice.

Securus Technologies to Improve Its Service Delivery

 Securus Technologies is a dedicated provider of innovative technology to correctional facilities. The company innovates technological solutions to address the specific needs of prison staff, the inmates, and prisoners’ relatives.


Securus Technologies’ quality of services has attracted a customer satisfaction score rated at 4 out of 5 stars. Additionally, the firm was accredited with an A+ score by Better Business Bureau (BBB). The A+ score is awarded to companies that record an outstanding customer satisfaction rate.


Some of their accomplishments come from its strategic acquisitions of tech firms that specialize in innovative technologies. Among the acquired firms include Telerus, JPay, and JLG Technologies.


Recently, JLG Technologies launched Investigator Pro 4.0 software that could be used in identifying and preventing crime before it happens. The software helps investigators to collect a suspect’s voice sample from all other calls made into or from a correction facility.


The sample is later used to identify the suspected callers and inmates that have ever communicated with the caller. In turn, the evidence generated will be used to determine any security threats to the public and expose any plans to engage in criminal acts in the facility.


Securus Technologies provides other services like emergency response, public information, biometric analysis, inmate communication, and inmate welfare services such as educative applications. It operates in North America with offices in Texas.


Securus Technologies boasts of a team of experts that is committed to producing innovative solutions that are needed to achieve the company’s mission. Their main aim is to help with the rehabilitation of inmates so that they can fit back in their societies after they complete their sentences.


Based on the quality of their service, Securus Technologies has earned the confidence of more than 2600 correctional facilities in US that receive communication services exclusively from the company. Moreover, more than a million inmates benefit from their services.

Securus Video Visitation – Everyday from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

IAP Worldwide Services Expansion To Wider Markets

IAP Worldwide Services is the leading company in the provision of facilities management, global-scale logistics, and advanced professional and technical services. The firm operates in more than 25 countries and has more than 2,000 employees. Its headquarters are in Cape Canaveral, FL. The Chief Executive Officer and Director of the organization is Douglas Kitani.

As last year came to an end, IAP Worldwide Services announced that it had acquired DRS Technologies, Inc.’s Aviation & Logistics firm that is situated at Oklahoma City. The conglomerate also bought the Tactical Communications & Network Solution (TCNS) business that is located in Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland. Tactical Communications & Network Solutions primarily deals with information technology, engineering, and communications support solutions to several agencies including the United States Department of Defense (DOD). On the other hand, Aviation & Logistics deal with logistics, mission support services, and aircraft repair management. The acquisition of the two firms will undoubtedly increase the operations of IAP Worldwide Services and enable the company to venture into wider markets.

Learn more about IAP Worldwide Services: IAP: Home

IAP Worldwide Services will figure out a way to incorporate the unique talents and roles performed by both Aviation & Logistics and Tactical Communications & Network Solutions to achieve its long-term goals and growth strategy. Without a doubt, the two acquisitions will increase IAP Worldwide Services’ delivery power to its clients in both the local and global scale. Moreover, the acquisitions will more than double IAP’s addressable market in the coming years. The two new businesses will be augmented into a single unit by IAP that will be called Aviation & Engineering Solutions. IAP’s National Security Program unit will also be part of the new unit. The Chief Executive Officer of IAP Worldwide Services said that the addition of the communications, aviation, a networking technologies business are a perfect match for the company’s ever-expanding portfolio of services to the U.S. and international government agencies and organizations.

Douglas Kitani continued by saying that earlier in 2015, IAP Worldwide had established an organic growth structure that was focused on discipline, innovation, and lean operations in their central government segment. The company also had a strategy for inorganic growth that would be realized by integrating firms that complement their core business. He concluded by saying that the acquisitions showed the ambitions and support that both the investors and the board had in the company’s long-term commitment to serving its clients.

Keeping The Lips Smooth And Moist With Evolution of Smooth

It is important to keep the lips smooth. For one thing, dry and chapped lips can cause a lot of problems. At the very least, dry and chapped lips draw attention to themselves. There are a lot of symptoms that could come from dry and chapped lips. Among the symptoms that one has to face is itching and pealing lips. Of course people handle chapped lips in a different manner. Some may find themselves peeling their lips which can irritate the lips even worse. Fortunately, there are other solutions to the problem which can actually make things better. This is in the form of lip balm.
One form of lip balm is Evolution Of Smooth. EOS lip balm is very innovative when it comes to solving the problem of chapped lips. It takes care of the inflammation in ways that other lip balms fail to do. For one thing, the lip balm that is offered by the company is created with Shea butter and jojoba oil. This makes EOS not only great for moisturizing lips, but also good for restoring the health of the lips so that people will not have to deal with chapped lips. Check out their products on Walmart.

To make things even better, EOS comes in many different flavors. These flavors also make it very tasty. People will not only get to enjoy the benefits of EOS lip balm, but they will also enjoy the great taste of strawberry sorbet, acai, pomegranate and plenty of other flavors. So not only will they get to enjoy the lip moisturizing benefits of EOS lip balm, but they will also remember to keep applying the lip balm because of the great flavors that they get to experience. As more people learn about the benefits of EOS products, they will see that this is one of the top options for lip restoration. Get EOS lip balm products in your local Walmart supermarket or on their website at You can also order it on eBay.


How a Dubai-Based Couple, Sanjay an Usha, is Increasing Autism Awareness by Organizing Autism Rocks Festival

The Dubai Autism Awareness Month commenced on 2nd April 2016. The charges for the Autism Rocks Festival were Dh50 per person. American rappers that performed at the concert were Tyga and Flo Rida. Their performance was meant to increase autism awareness and encourage people to donate for research endeavors dedicated to this medical condition.

Sanjay Shah Denmark and Usha, a Dubai-based couple organized the Autism Rocks festival to change the perceptions of people regarding autism. Usha spoke to XPRESS regarding how the need to change people’s perceptions was as a result of personal commitment. She also mentioned that she has an autistic son named Nikhil together with her husband. The main reason why they organized this festival was to provide a lot of exposure to kids living with autism.

The Autism Rocks festival was established back then in 2014. It has amassed over £600,000 and hosted celebrities such as Drake, Prince, Michael Buble and Lenny Kravitz both in Dubai and London. Usha pointed out that the reason why Tyga and Flo Rida were headlined to perform at the concert is because they could help spread autism awareness to the youth. These two artists also make music that target the youth. The official DJs scheduled to perform were Fever and BFG.

About Sanjay Shah

Sanjay Shah is the founder and CEO of Solo Capital Partners. He also owns Aesa S.a.r.l, which oversees Solo Group Holdings’ operations. He was a medicine student before deciding to venture into the investment and financial sector. He has also worked as an accountant with several investment banks such as Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch and Credit Cruise. Shah is also the owner of several companies across The Cayman Islands, London, Luxembourg, The British Virgin Islands, Malta and Dubai.

Before the main incorporation of his Solo Capital, Shah amassed £19 million during the fiscal year that ended in March 31, 2011. In 2014, Sanjay Shah took over an invitation-only and institutional stockbroker, Old Park Lane Capital that mainly focuses on natural resources. His net worth is US$280 million as of January 2016. Though he considers himself retired, he has offices across Dubai and London.

Top Inmate Communications Regulations For A Successful Fourth Quarter

Far too often inmate communications is not properly regulated by a decent provider, but Securus Technologies changes all of that. They ensure that you receive every minute guaranteed under your contract. They work closely with the Public Utility Commission to mandate quality assurance. They have been proudly serving the public for over 50 years. Many families complain about not being able to stay connected with their loved ones because of the cost of traditional inmate calls. Inmates rely on inmate communications to get their needs met, have access to legal counsel, and communicate with their loved ones.

They have created technological features that give you advanced communication abilities. They listen to customer feedback and understood the need to reduce the cost of calling for inmates and provide quality service. Now with Securus Technologies you can save money by avoiding the need to transport to an actual facility. Customers will be glad that they switched to Securus because they also monitor and surveillance inmate calls so you’ll always receive top quality access to telephone communications. Each call is handled with complete governmental regulations. Reliable telephone communications are affordable, easy to use, and available from inside the correctional facility for inmates.

Securus Technologies now offers video chat features that will allow inmates to talk face-to-face. You don’t have to commute to a facility because you can talk over the internet. Securus also offers this feature for visitation. You must be on a patients visiting list to use the online video chat visitation. This feature works great for inmates that have disabled family members or families that are in another state. The highest standard of inmate calling is their complete priority at Securus Technologies. You’re invited to visit their easy to read and navigate website for more details and information on their features and services.

New Commercial Projects Coming to NYC

While the New York City real estate market has been considered one of the strongest in the country for decades, 2016 will mark one of the biggest years that the city has ever had. While it seems like the city would have run out of land or development sites by now, there are suddenly many big real estate projects that are coming online or ending development in 2016.

One exciting project coming to New York City will be taking place in the Bronx. The real estate firm Omni New York will be building a new 154-unit residential apartment building in the Melrose neighborhood of the Bronx. The building will have about a 150,000 square foot footprint and will be about 15 stories in height. According to the permits filed, it will likely have some level of affordable housing component, although the exact amounts are not yet known. The building will also have some retail square footage located on the ground floor, which will help to serve the residents of the building and the other local communities located nearby.

Another project that will be coming online will be taking place in Manhattan. Located on 48th Street, Hidrock Realty will be developing a new 31-story hotel in Midtown East. This hotel will have about 161 guestrooms in total and will have a ground floor retail space. While the ultimate operator of the hotel is not yet known, it will likely be a higher-end operator. Hidrock bought the land in 2014 for around $50 million.

If you are looking to invest in New York City real estate or to purchase a new home in the city, a great place to start your search would be with Town Residential. Town Residential is a boutique firm that specializes in luxury apartments for rent in New York City. The company provides a variety of services to clients, homebuyers, developers, and property managers. They also provide the marketplace with up to date market information through their regular newsletters. This will help to ensure that any of their clients are provided with the most current market information.