Progressing Through The Ranks at Any Company

When it comes to the complexities of today’s business world, more and more companies are looking to retain legal counsel that will help them deal with numerous issues that may arise along the way. Whether it involves questions about employment law, contract formation and structure, compliance and regulatory issues, or numerous other topics, it’s crucial that financial services companies work with attorneys who are knowledgeable in these as well as other fields. When it comes to having expertise in these and many other related areas, most people in the financial industry agree there are few attorneys better than Sam Tabar.

With his legal education from Columbia Law School as well as his undergraduate work at Oxford University, Sam has laid the groundwork for a legal career that is poised to be outstanding. Having been employed with several of the most prestigious law firms in the world, Sam has used his legal knowledge to help clients with a variety of matters. As an expert in hedge funds, he has regularly assisted clients with issues pertaining to compliance and regulatory issues as they pertain to hedge funds and other investments. On numerous occasions, Sam has been noted for providing expert advice in a concise and easy-to-understand manner with his clients, and even sometimes on Twitter. On one day he may be speaking to Fortune 500 executives, while the next day he may board a plane and fly to Hong Kong or Beijing to meet with company executives. Whatever the case may be, he is always prepared to provide answers to the toughest questions, allowing him to garner an experience and reputation for being one of the best.

Looked at by his peers as having one of the best legal minds when it comes to financial matters, Sam Tabar is well aware of the expectations his clients have when working with him on a regular basis. This even led to his 2015 appointment at FullCycle Fund. Whether he is recommending certain global marketing strategies to executives in Hong Kong or sitting down with a group of retirees to discuss individual financial strategies related to hedge fund investing, Sam is always prepared to answer whatever questions may come his way. Realizing the business world is in a constant state of change, Sam is always keeping himself up-to-date on the latest developments in order to serve his clients in the best possible manner. No matter what situations come his way, Sam is sure to keep his high-flying legal career going strong.

Find Your Inspiration

If you are a yogi or lover of health and fitness, then chances are you have seen the latest craze for athleisure wear in the fashion industry. I hope you are as excited as I am! For once, a fashion trend is finally beyond comfortable and in some cases even affordable. This hot trend first surfaced on “it” celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid, and of course both of the fashion icons have been seen all over the world executing the new trend flawlessly.

Once I heard about the athleisure trend I immediately started shopping for looks online, and it came as no surprise that even this laid back trend could get a little pricey. I happened across an article written by “The Krazy Coupon Lady” about a new athleisure clothing line called Fabletics by Kate Hudson (read more at WWD), and to my amazement and surprise the line is shockingly affordable!
Kate Hudson teamed up with the CEOs of the online subscription boutique JustFab, and created a truly unique and affordable athleisure wear clothing line of Fabletics. Kate Hudson envisioned this company as a place where women could purchase athleisure wear that would inspire them to lead a healthy and fit life.

Elite Daily confirms that the Fabletics line does just that! The clothing lines range from yoga pants, sports bras, swimsuits, and even athleisure dresses! Fabletics members can choose their first purchase from hundreds of fun and colorful designs, all guaranteed to be “Kate Hudson approved” for just $25.00 shipped! The styles and products of Fabletics are said to rival brand favorites such as Lululemon and Gap Body, so check out Fabletics today to find your inspiration to live a fit and healthy lifestyle!

Popular Beneful Dog Food Products

Beneful is a popular brand of dog food sold on Wal-Mart. The company’s parent company is Nestle Purina Petcare. Foods made by Beneful include dry dog food, wet or canned dog food and dog treats. Beneful dog foods are highly nutritious and well-balanced, since they contain ingredients such as real meat and vitamin rich vegetables of different taste and texture. Beneful is also available online via Amazon.
Beneful dog foods are specially made to make your dog happy and healthy. Beneful produces a total of 8 varieties of dry dog food, 11 different dog treats and 20 wet dog foods. Some of the most popular foods include; Originals with real beef dry food; Healthy Smile dental twist dog treat and Incredibites wet dog food with beef and chicken.

1. Incredibites with beef, carrots, tomatoes and wild rice
This wet dog food is highly recommended for little dogs. The food is well-balanced and rich in protein, since it is made using 100% beef. The ingredients are formulated according to the nutritional recommendations set by the AAFCO dog food nutrient profiles to promote dog growth. For adult dogs, give the dog one 3 Oz per 3lbs of body weight daily.

2. Incredibites with chicken, carrots tomatoes, and wild rice
This Incredibites wet food contains rich protein flavors that every little dog craves. The main ingredient is 100% chopped chicken bites. Since growing puppies require twice as much food for every pound of weight, it is important to provide this meal with fresh water. This food is packaged in 3 oz cans.

3. Originals dry dog food with beef
This is a popular dry dog food ( with real beef accentuated with peas, spinach and carrots. The food contains antioxidant rich nutrients designed to keep your dog strong and healthy. Dogs will especially love the tender and crunchy bites that cater for all yums.

4. Healthy Smile Dental Twists dry dog food
This healthy dental dog treat from is specially formulated to reduce plaque and tartar buildup on your dog’s teeth. The food also supports the development of strong teeth and bones, in addition to freshening the dogs breathe. The treat contains the highly nutritious parsley.

George Soros Advises On Europe’s Refugee Situation

The refugee crisis that has overtaken Europe is in need of a solution, but thus far the plan put into place after the recent negotiations between the EU and Turkey is one that will not solve the massive problem facing the region. So says multi-billionaire hedge fund investor and commentator George Soros, in a recent article in

Soros, who has been a global player in the investment world on since the 1950s, is known for his political and investment expertise, which is why leaders listen up when Soros speaks out. Soros rightly predicted the 2008 economic meltdown and has a long history of accurately reading financial and political situations. That’s why his piece in is drawing a lot of attention.

A Crisis in Need of a Greater Solution

According to George Soros, the plan recently put in place is lacking in many respects. It is not really a “European” plan, but simply a plan imposed on Turkey by German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Another huge issue is that the plan is seriously underfunded. It asks Greece to become a “holding pen” for a large population of refugees without providing realistic financial support for caring for them.

Another issue, according to George Soros, is that the plan is not voluntary. it demands that refugees relocate to areas they do not wish to go to, and it also asks that refugees who have already successfully landed in Europe now leave. None of this, stresses George Soros, is workable.

What then, is the solution? According to Soros, what is needed more than anything is a well thought through, comprehensive plan for caring for the refugees with funding at a level on that is realistic. Soros believes that the right number for that is $34 billion a year, and while this is a great deal of money, the price that will be paid if a human rights catastrophe breaks out will be much, much higher.

Can Europe avoid a major catastrophe? Only time will tell, but in Soros view, time is now of the essence in formulating a realistic, workable plan to solve the refugee crisis.

Why Talk Fusion Stands to Benefit from the Growth of Video Communication

Extensive studies have found out that videos will soon be the main messaging tool in the next five years. This has been preceded by the uptake of video communication, especially in business. Talk Fusion is one of the firms that are placing themselves at a vantage position, which will see them take over the video content distribution market. It has risen from a humble start to emerge one of the most influential players in the industry globally. This has been a result of prudent leadership and the pioneering of cutting-edge products.

Products Offered

Talk Fusion gained fame for introducing video emailing. This is a noteworthy service, which allows users to send videos together with emails. Such mails stand out because there are up to 1,000 templates that one can pick from to enhance the quality of the communiqué. In addition, the templates can be personalized to fit the desires of users. If well utilized, this can be a crucial advertisement tool for businesses because they can use it to market their services.

The company also offers video chat, a service available to those with PCs, Macs and any other portable devices that have cameras and internet connectivity. It has been widely received because it does not require users to download content or have plug-ins. Talk Fusion also has a video newsletter. Those who subscribe to this product can engross their viewers and capture their interests. Companies can use this as an interactive platform to seek the reviews of their clients.

Brief Notes about CEO Bob Reina

He is an accomplished telecoms executive and an animal lover. The Florida native’s quest to embed videos in emails started in 2004 and was realized after the formation of Talk Fusion. Bob Reina oversaw the inauguration of the company’s first product, which was the game changing Video Email Product. Bob used this early success as a foundation to set up operations in more than 85 countries.

Reina graduated from the University of South Florida with a degree in Criminology. He worked as a part time marketer during his career in the Florida Police Department. He is also involved in humanitarian causes. His recent help to a family afflicted by a fire disaster is proof of his compassion.

Check out Bob Reina’s Pinterest

Beneful Serves Up Some Interesting Selections

PurinaStore is one of the most famous names in the world of pet food. The company has produced a tremendous number of different selections and brands over the decades. Beneful is one of the newer lines. Beneful products are intended to meet customer (and pet) demand for gourmet selections. A quick look at the different foods sold with Beneful’s name reveals there are scores of excellent selections to choose from.

Who says dogs won’t eat fish? Beneful Originals with Real Salmon proves dogs do have seafaring taste buds. Dogs also have a need for omega-three fatty acids, which salmon is loaded with. The salmon in this dog food is real salmon and not a flavored filler. Tons of nutrients are found in this package thanks to the equally real vegetables incorporated into the mix.

Wet food selection are often filled with a nice array of protein. Beef & Chicken Medley is a wet food that serves up two excellent sources of protein. And yes, very appealing pieces of vegetables are included in the serving as well. Green beans and carrots are two vegetables added to the meal. An intriguing ingredient is wild rice. To the uninitiated, wild rice seems like a filler ingredient. It most definitely is not. Rather, the rice is a natural source of carbohydrates. Carbs are vital for energy and help round out a balanced meal.

Beneful Dry Dog Food Healthy Smile is one of those “name tells all” products. Actually, there is more to this particular dry food that what its name reveals. The name does reflect the main benefit of the dry food. The ingredients support healthier teeth. Dental care should not be overlooked with pets. This particular dry food positively does provide some support for dental care.

Chicken Stew is unique because it turns a hearty soup meal into a wet dog food. Real chunks of chicken combines with peas, carrots, rice, and the “stew essential” barley make for an awesome meal. Dogs who enjoy this stew might also like the similar Chicken & Wild Rice meal.

Really, dogs might end up liking all of the Beneful wet and dry foods.

 Amazon sells Beneful too!

Fabletics And Elite Daily Get Into The New Swim Line

Fabletics had a chat with Elite Daily about how their new swim line will work for women, and it is the perfect thing for women who want to look good without fussing with their swim wear all the time. Fabletics is an athletic wear brand that already makes things in line with an athleisure concept, but they are now making swimwear that any woman will appreciate. The swimwear is going to look sexy on every woman, and every woman can find something that is functional for her.

It was revealed on their Instgram page that the woman that wants to go to the gym to swim laps can use these swimsuits, and the woman who wants to go to the beach can wear the same suit if she wants. Women who want more than one suit can get the suit that will work well at the gym, and she can get a more elegant suit for her beach body when she goes on the water.

Kate Hudson is known for looking excellent in swimwear, and she is the kind of woman who knows that she cannot wear certain suits at the gym. She wants women to throw their gym swimsuit into their bag where they can do laps, and then they can use a sexier suit when they go to the beach. The other part of Fabletics is that it is a complete clothing line. All the clothes match each other –

A woman can wear Fabletics clothes to the gym, and she will have something that matches all her other gym clothes. She can wear her sexier swimsuits with her athleisure clothes, and they all match when she goes to the beach. Women do not have hours in a day to get ready, and the only way to look amazing is to make sure that every woman is wearing something that works for her body.

Fabletics has all the right sizes, and it has all the right fabrics for her swimsuits. The swimsuits come in every color imaginable, and they come in fabrics fit for the beach and the gym. Women can get ready for swimming or sunbathing all with the same brand.

Innovative Ways of Using Wikipedia

Wikipedia is the word’s go-to resource for information on almost any subject imaginable. Thousands of students use Wikipedia to do research on their term papers. While many universities are actively trying to discourage students from using the online encyclopedia as the source of their research, innovative lecturers from the University of Sydney are taking an opposite approach. Instead of discouraging use of the site, these instructors are having students make a Wikipedia page rather than writing a research paper.

One of the biggest challenges in getting students excited about writing research papers is that they feel like they are doing a lot of work that won’t be appreciated. Professors from the University of Sydney say that students are more engaged when they are writing something that they know that many people will read and benefit from. The entries created by the students are graded by the professors based on both the quality of the Wikipedia page creation that they have created and an oral report. Already, the student’s newly created Wikipedia articles have been viewed thousands of times by many different people around the world.

Wikipedia is increasingly becoming an important resource not only for students, but also business owners and organizations. Because so many people rely on Wikipedia for trusted information, it’s crucial that a business or organization has a well written and factual Wikipedia entry. As the students from the University of Sidney have learned, to create and update a Wikipedia page is no easy task. Many businesses and organizations do not have the experience or time to be able to maintain a quality page. Luckily, Wikipedia writing companies like Get Your Wiki can provide expert Wikipedia consulting services to help businesses and organizations boost their online presence.

When hiring Wikipedia editors from Get Your Wiki, they provide a wide range of Wikipedia consulting services including article creation, Wikipedia edits, and page monitoring. Wikipedia monitoring is a particularly useful service because any page can be edited by just about anyone. While most people who contribute to Wikipedia pages do so in an attempt to provide honest, high quality information, there are those who will try to defame an organization or business by posting negative material. The monitoring services provided by Get Your Wiki is perfect for any business or organization that is looking to protect their online reputation from individuals who will maliciously edit a Wikipedia page. This along with all of the other Wikipedia services that Get Your Wiki provides will help ensure a solid online presence.

Martin Lustgarten: Leading by Example

Investment bankers help evaluate and analyze the business environment before advising their clients. The financial experts assess merits, risks and economic conditions affecting a project, and then decide if a project is worth investing in. Investment banks, through the specialists, facilitate spinning off, amalgamation and acquisition. Possessing the right financial tools in stock markets and other financial areas, investment bankers are able to buy, price, market and sell financial securities on behalf of clients. For instance, an investment banker can find a company holding Initial Public Offering, buy stocks on behalf of his employer, price the stocks, and later, sell the stocks. They also know to find worthy individual investors.


Martin Lustgarten is one good example of an investment banker. Martin is the President and CEO of Lustgarten, Martin. The CEO was born in July 1959. He worked in the banking industry from more than a decade. He founded Lustgarten, Martin to help people gain access to alternative sources of income.


The headquarters of Lustgarten, Martin are in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. The firm, however, serves varied clientele throughout the United States of America. Martin Lustgarten has strong connections with an array of private investors. This makes it easy to find a person who is willing to invest in another person’s business. In addition to helping people and companies acquire capital, he advises people on the risks associated with certain projects and helps price and market securities. He also gives financial advice to budding entrepreneurs.


Martin Lustgarten makes donations to Florida Little Dog Rescue Group, a volunteer-based group that seeks to take care of puppies abandoned by their owners or puppies that may soon be put death in Animal Controls. Martin loves trading vintage watches.

Examining Sanjay Shah’s role in Autism Research

London based charitable organization Autism Rocks recently made an announcement through its founder Sanjay Shah, that Will and Pete Best have been appointed as members of its Board of Trustees. The organization, which raises funds for autism research believe the two brothers have the requisite experience and skill to sit on its decision making organ. They are also well acquainted with Mr. Shah, having studied together in the university. He therefore feels that their appointment is a major coup and is bound to improve the fortunes of the organization.

The body was formed to create awareness about autism. It arranges invite-only concerts featuring the crème of the music industry. So far it has featured several international chart toppers. All proceeds generated go towards funding autism research. This is done with the hope that those who are likely to develop the condition are pinpointed early so that resources can be channeled towards supporting them live with it for the rest of their lives.

The appointment of Will and Pete will help broaden the organization’s knowledge resource because they will actively participate in all managerial decisions concerning the musical events and the funds generated. With the recent expansion of Autism Rock’s activities, the two will also help it reach the lives of many children affected by autism by virtue of their deep connections. The original release was through PR Newswire and can be accessed through this link:

About Sanjay Shah

Mr. Shah is the founder and head of Solo Capital, which was integrated in 2011. It is headquartered in London and concentrates on exclusive trading, consulting and sports ventures. With Sanjay at the helm, the company has experienced tremendous growth, and has assets totaling over 67 million pounds and a cash flow of over 30 million pounds. It has expanded its operations to many countries with the most notable being Dubai, where it has a vibrant office.

Mr. Shah is a Dubai resident who considers himself retired. With the incredible success that he has achieved in the financial sector, it is hard to believe that he started out as a doctor before realizing that medicine wasn’t his dream. He has however managed to become a maverick in the financial services within a short time.