Remixing Dog Foods With Premium Ingredients

The remix isn’t all that popular anymore in the music industry because there are so many artists that are exploding on to the music scene. Remixing tracks was highly popular in the 90’s though. During this time a song would drop and become very popular, but it would start to fade to black after millions of listeners heard it. It was the remix of the song that would inspire listeners to take a second listen and even buy this reworking of the song. A consumer that is looking at the dog food industry today might say that the foods that are being developed for dogs are being remixed. Better versions of the originals are emerging and customers are going out to take a second listen to what dog food companies are pitching through Yahoo commercials and social media campaigns.

Beneful has made a lot of money by remixing all of the greatest hits that this company has compiled. High quality dog food is the name of the new dog food game, and Beneful is pushing a scrumptious line of variation. There are Beneful Originals that contain chicken or beef, but that is just a partial piece of the puzzle. There are others foods from this company that are essentially remixes with different ingredients.

The foods like Beneful Playful Life with ingredients like egg and real beef are simply remixes of Beneful Originals. There is the egg ingredient that has an extra touch that makes it different. The Beneful Healthy Weight and Healthy Radiance are merely innovative remixes to the initial brand that Beneful started with.

This is a brand that has managed to evolve before Beneful already had a good foundation. It is easy to remix a song and draw a crowd when the original was successful. The same thing goes for good dog food. Customers that were already giving their dogs Beneful Originals are going to be a lot more likely to purchase the reworked brands. Premium ingredients bring something new to the table. Dogs are going to embrace this because there are so many premium ingredients in these foods.


The story behind CCMP.

Headquartered in New York, the investment firm CCMP Capital has been a leader on many fronts. During the recent financial crunch reported  by at the end of the last decade. They managed to stay afloat and win the confidence of many clients.

Most of the firm’s success can be credited to sound decision making by top leadership when it comes to investments. Most investors look for the productivity of a private equity firm and how it has managed portfolios in the past before making the decision to invest. Those who analyze the market say that CCMP investment in the last few years has been steady and stable meaning that their decision-making abilities were sound.

CCMP Capital has constantly ranked among the top private equity firms, and this has made its investment base grow each year. The firm specializes in equity with major investments being made in buyouts of blue chip companies.

The one major rule that private equity firms follow is that the investments must be as diverse as possible. This has had CCMP Capital decide to invest in the telecommunication sector, energy, finance and major retailers all over the country. The advisors at the helm believe that the future holds more prospects, but it is still to diversify further.

Behind this success story is Steve Murray who led the company to the position it is in today. As a former Chief Executive Officer of the company, Steve Murray led the company from the level of a start-up that was called JP Morgan and Chase to the industry goliath that it is today. At that point, the company invested close to $ 100 million, and this had risen to around $ 500 million by the time he passed on.

Most of the investment ideas according to pehub that Stephen Murray left continue to lead the company advisors into new financial heights. Since most of their investment funds come from money people believe is for their retirement, the advisors are now tasked with assuring the pension holders and the trust funds that they are capable of Murray like leadership.

In the private equity world, the confidence the investors have in the managers determines the available funds as investors will either leave or invest more. The challenge now lies with those at the helm to invest more in the company to show that they have key stakes and show investors that the company has their best interests.

CCMP Capital will find it easy to add to their investments because of their past management techniques, but the assurance will come with a bit of an apprehension on the side of the investors. This is expected in many financial related companies especially when there is a change of guard at the top.

Growth And Success Achieved By Eucatex

Eucatex is a Brazilian company manufactures a wide range of floor products, paints, wall partitions, doors, panels, hardboards among others. The company was founded in late 1951, and its first sawmill factory began operating in 1954, producing softboards. Later, the company established offices in major Brazilian cities and also in Argentina, to reach more customers. Eucatex increased its production capacity in 1965, where ceiling tiles and panels were manufactured and exported to Europe.

Towards the end of 1960s to late 80s, Eucatex started to produce paints that were initially meant for its own use, and also invested in reforestation plans in order to ensure sufficient supply of raw materials for production. As we began the last decade of the 20th century, Eucatex was already exporting its products to over 50 nations. In addition, the company split its production sections into four groups; forestry, Wood, Mineral and Metallic.

In 1994, Eucatex inaugurated another industry in Salto, and also began producing commercial paints and varnishes. In 1996, Eucatex began producing MDP panels, and on the same year its products were acknowledged globally as it became the first company in Brazil to receive the ISO 9001 certification. In 201i, Eucatex attained its 60th year of operation where it has emerged as market leader in the industry. Eucatex has been supporting communities especially the less privileged members of the society.

Flavio Maluf is the president of Eucatex and has been very critical in ensuring the company’s goals are achieved as planned. He began working at Eucatex in 1987 serving in the trade division. After working for almost ten years in trading section, Flavio Maluf was moved to the industrial section, and later that year became one of the executives of the company. In 1997, Flavio Maluf was eventually announced the president of the company and since then the company has grown and expanded tremendously. Under his leadership, Eucatex is focusing on new strategies meant to attract more customers across the globe.  He’s also commented on Twitter about the importance of Eucatex remaining an environmentally sustainable corporation.

According to Flavio Maluf, it is necessary to exercise the right leadership tactics in order to succeed. People should learn how to work harmoniously focusing more on delivering results. Despite all the challenges that faces family organization, Flavio Maluf believes leaders have a chance to build excellent career and at the same time strengthening their professional ties and responsibilities. As such, unnecessary crisis are prevented in organizations as Flavio Maluf analyzes it.  Flavio has also become renown for his commentary on the future of education.  Just as the papers turn to Flavio Maluf to comment on major mergers currently happening throughout Brazil.

George Soros’ Open Society Foundation Facing a Ban in Russia

George Soros was born in 1930 in Budapest. In 1947, George fled to England from Hungary that was thoroughly dominated by the communist. He then joined the London school of economics, later Soros moved to the United States where he established the international investment fund. He has also been a well-known philanthropist since 1979. Through the Open Society Foundations, Soros has been able to champion for the values of open society, human rights and transparency. The foundation’s annual expenditure in 2011 was recorded at 835 million dollars. A lot of black students from South Africa also benefited from Soros’ donation of funds that enabled them to join Cape Town University.

George Soros is also a famous author having written bestselling books such as The Tragedy of the European Union (2014). He has also written articles and essays touching important topics in the society such as politics, and economics. The articles and essays by Soros have been published in a lot of major newspapers and magazines across the globe. George Soros has become a mentor and a role model for many following his financial knowledge and success. His teachings and views on investment and economic matters have gained a lot of supporters and followers all over the world.

Despite his success, George Soros has lived to see some challenges in his career. On 30th November 2015, Reuters reported that the philanthropist’s pro-democracy charity had been banned from Russia claiming that it posed a security threat to the state and the Constitution. Soros had established two charity networks in Russia including the Open Society Foundations and the Open Society Institute Assistance Foundation. The office of Russia’s General Prosecutor released a statement stating that the two charity networks would be stopped from operating due the security threat to the state and the constitution. The Russian state reported that the activities carried out by the organization were not fit for Russia. It perceived the activities of the charity network as defiance against the foundations of the constitutional principles of the Russian Federation and the state security.

George Soros is reported to have asked the Western countries to increase aid to Ukraine. The billionaire also explained that the 50 billion dollar financing package should be viewed as support for Ukraine against the attacks from Russia. The Open Society Foundations also stated that they were deeply disheartened by the step taken by the Russian State. The foundation also said how for a long time they have worked to strengthen the rule of law and also safeguard human rights. The Russian State together with its citizens used to welcome the activities of the foundation until lately when the government decided to stop them. The rejection of the Open Society Foundation’s activities meant suppressing the ambitions of the civil societies and the people of Russian in general. The billionaire remains optimistic that the measures taken by the Russian State will be only for some time since the people’s future cannot be compromised.

The billionaire and philanthropist established the Open Society Foundation in the year 1979. He found the foundation when his hedge fund had accumulated to 100 million dollars and personal wealth climbing to 25 million dollars. The black students at Cape Town University in South Africa were the first beneficiaries of the foundation. Over 70 countries in the world are benefiting from foundations funded by Soros supporting human rights, freedom of expression and access to good health.


Brad Reifler: What it Takes to Succeed in Financial Services

While many people believe success as a financial services professional involves nothing more than having a knowledge of economics and finance, others realize it takes more than that. In addition to business knowledge, success also incorporates excellent communication skills, a desire to help people, and a commitment to lifelong learning. Even though many people demonstrate these abilities in their jobs each and every day, none do it better than Brad Reifler. As an investor and entrepreneur for well over 30 years, Brad is often referred to as a walking encyclopedia of financial knowledge. Having started numerous companies as well as worked with people from all walks of life over the years, he has developed a keen understanding of just what it takes to get the best results for himself and his clients.

If there is one thing people can agree on when speaking of Brad, it’s that he is a great listener. Whether he is in a boardroom on Wall Street speaking with some of the nation’s top business executives or in a small office speaking with an individual nearing retirement, Brad treats everyone he meets with nothing but respect and kindness. By doing so, he is viewed as one of the world’s most trusted individuals when it comes to providing financial services to others. As Brad has noted many times, it is a man’s reputation for doing business that ultimately determines how much success he achieves with his clients. Judging from the levels of success he has achieved over his career, it’s clear Brad has not only maintained a reputation for excellence, but enhanced it greatly as well.

As one of the leading CEOs of modern business, Brad realizes others look to him for leadership in difficult times. Because of this, he has maintained his commitment to always learning about the latest trends occurring in economics and finance, frequently sharing his views on Twitter. A strong believer in cutting-edge business and financial strategies, Brad has an insatiable desire to always study the latest national and international business trends to see how they can apply to his business and clients. By constantly learning, he is able to inspire confidence in others with his vast knowledge and self-assurance that his strategies will work as anticipated. One of the business world’s greatest success stories, Brad will not rest on his laurels. Instead, he continues to seek new challenges for himself and new ways to help others as well.


I was doing some research one day. I came across this very interesting article. I found it initially on Virtual Marketing Strategy. These guys usually report some pretty interesting things when it comes to the real estate market in general in NYC apartments for sale.

I will not bore you with a blow-by-blow regurgitation of what the article said. If you want to read the full article you can click on the link right here.

What I will do for you guys is give you a brief synopsis of what at the article was/is trying to convey.


When it comes to Manhattan, there is a huge gap between new sales and market pricing looking for resale.

“When it comes to homes that are looking for resale, many sellers are looking to adjust their price points. Last year there was a huge level of expectation. Things started off on a really good note, but then went kind of downhill.”

“It was during the early summer and late fall that housing fell into a “soft patch.” This is when the housing market kind of gets soft. Certain properties are not as “hot” as they once were. This could have become a downward shift, but it did not.”

So what happened? This has been the million dollar question. Certain areas of the last year have seen remarkable improvement. Some areas have seen growth in the housing market up to 20%, especially when it comes to the newer homes.

So what is happening to the homes that have been labeled “resale?”

“This is where we are at right now. In order for things to perk up, buyers and sellers need to adjust their expectations. Certain sellers are learning they have to come down on their asking price. If more people do this, the gap will be much smaller.”

“The buyer mentality is not what it used to be. It used to be that buyers made a purchase, regardless of the price. Now buyers are becoming more educated on the housing market. Buyers are willing to buy, just not at any price. More buyers are becoming conscious of their choices.”

Now the end of the year reports have not come back yet. Although, early buzz indicates this new way of thinking is going to have a good impact on the housing market. Town residential is just one real estate firm seeing things pickup, consider the lagging sales as of late.


According to an article published in a recent blog, online dating is a tricky place to navigate. If you are a rookie looking for a partner online, the article is must read. It helped me a great deal before i started using Skout for dating. There are online dating codes for all parties to thrive in this competitive sphere. You need to be on your A-game to find your dream date. With it being January, it is the best time to bag a date for a romantic February.


The 1st thing you need to do is start looking now. After the holidays, people make a wish list. Most of it is meeting people and being out there. Since they act immediately, then January is the best time to achieve all your dreams in the dating sphere. It also a time when many break up from their boring relationships and chase good mates. So start now this winter and you could as well be the lucky one. Oh, and Sunday nights are best to ask your crush out.


When asking someone out, please be genuine. Look at the person you are sending the message and be specific. The message should also be a natural conversation starter. It is very antisocial to put pressure on a potential mate to start a conversation. Once you two start talking, it’s a sagacious idea to move the conversation offline. The best step is when you meet in person and get off the virtual romance train.


You should have a good 1st impression. The picture should be a quality shot of your full frame. People with a full photo doing activities will increase their chances by 203%. Men should not use Emoji’s at all and women should stick to only necessary ones. Use of too many hearts and flowers with Women is a too much too soon case and should be avoided.


One of my favorites apps is Skout. It is a location-based dating service that offers a high level of customization. It is a dual purpose app that provides dating services and socialization services. It is used to link friends in different areas and can even connect people in different continents. It is available in 180 countries with 14 language variants. It has made over 500 million connections in the last two years alone and has over 10 million active daily users.


Skout was founded in 2007 by Christian Wiklund and Niklas Lindstrom. Christian is the CEO, and Niklas is the COO.It is available on all standard mobile platforms and has a web application. It in 2014 bought Nixter and 2014 launched Fuse. Nixter allows one to purchase tickets for night parties while Fuse works like Snap to deliver time coded messages.


Skout also recently launched Skout Travel. It is a feature that allows people to connect with friends in different cities and go on virtual tours. Some people have gone on to go on actual trips.


The article is a recap of

Jaime Garcia Dias – Brazil’s Literary Pioneer

The vast institution of Brazilian literature is earmarked by lavish prose and vivid imagination that has facilitated the identification of the Brazilian culture. Jaime Garcia Dias proves a masterful product of Brazil’s literary history, creating brilliant works of his own while also cultivating a whole new breed of Brazilian writers through his job as a professor of literature in Brazil, and to a lesser extent though the impact of his blog. As a young boy in Rio De Janeiro, Dias discovered his love for literary arts from his father, Arnaldo Dias, who served as a prominent Brazilian journalist in the seventies and eighties. A prodigy of sorts, Dias wrote his first works as early as 10 years old.  He’s even well known in financial circles for the advice that he’s provided there as well.

With over 20 published works to his name listed on his website, many of Dias’ works have widely been considered contemporary Brazilian classics. His wit and sensible writing style has earned him accolades such as the prestigious White Crane award in 2001, as well as landing him a weekly article spot for the renowned Jornal Do Brazil. Consumed in much of the literature that has shaped the art in Brazil in his youth, Jaime Garcia Dias recognized the importance of early education and literary submersion. After establishing himself in the literary scene of South America in 1995, the 25-year-old Dias began his stint as a professor at the Carioca Literature Academy where he taught aspiring teenage writers.

Shorty after his unconventional teaching methods began to produce a new generation of Brazilian writers, the academy recognized his brilliance with a promotion to Vice-President in 1997 and eventually nominated President in 2007 as Wiki shows. With the direction of Jaime Garcia Dias, Carioca has since developed into one of the premier literature academies in South America. Jaime Garcia Dias currently remains very active though popular mediums of online writing and continues to be a driving force in Brazil’s literature scene. His fantastic personal works combined with his undying dedication to instilling literary culture in Brazil’s youth have made Jaime Garcia Dias a modern pioneer of South American Literature.  Follow Jaime on his YouTube to continue with his career, and the visual lessons he’s trying to bring back to aspiring artists in Brazil.

How Did The Third Quarter Go For James Dondero And Highland Capital Management?

The third quarter results for Highland Capital Management and CEO James Dondero show a time of change and transition for the company. The 13F filed with the SEC shows that the company made many changes during the third quarter that will help to diversify its position in the future. Also, only about a quarter what Highland Capital Management invests is held in the United States, and the 13F shows these investments. This article explains how the HCM team is making changes that will help strengthen the company for the future.

#1: The Company Is Selling Stocks

There were many stocks sold in the healthcare industry from the HCM fund. The healthcare fund managed by HCM has millions of dollars of stocks under managements, and the team let go of companies like McKesson and Envision to help strengthen their position. The company sold many other stocks to make way for new acquisitions, and the turnaround is helping the company find new room to grow for the future.

#2: New Acquisitions

Jim has chosen to reach into the technology sector by investing in Amazon, and the company is still picking up new holdings in the healthcare industry. There are many new companies on the books that will be helpful for the overall health of the hedge fund, and Jim believes that he must be as diverse as possible when making changes to his company portfolio. This means that people may invest in HCM with confidence knowing that HCM has improved its performance with new holdings.

#3: How Is Jim Changing The Company?

Jim is taking more of the company overseas every year with targeted investments that reach out to specific needs for investors. There are many companies in Europe and Asia that require Jim’s attention, and he is turning his attention to these companies by placing a bit of his holdings in each firm. His holdings are so widespread that his company has the best balance of any hedge fund in America.

Americans who wish to spend their money with a company that is dedicated to diversity must choose HCM. Highland Capital Management ended its third quarter with a series of changes that have made the company more viable going forward, and they have made changes that will help their investors remain confident. The fourth quarter may see more changes, and James Dondero is ready to help his company grow even more.

A Record Year For New York City Real Estate

New York City continues to be one of the world’s most desirable destinations. This is why so many New Yorkers have bought here and why some many others who want to live in this area have also bought in the region. In particular, according to a recent New York Times article, Manhattan real estate as well as downtown parts of nearby Brooklyn continue to be hot. Prices soared, especially at the upper end of the market where those with funds to spend continued to see Manhattan real estate as a highly marketable commodity and a Manhattan residence as an ideal home for their needs.

Savvy buyers know that an apartment in New York City real estate is an ideal way to enjoy easy access to the city’s many amenities. They also know that buying an apartment here is likely to buy into an investment that will continue to retain value and offer them the best chance to sell it a good price. Many residents also want to live in one of the world’s most centrally located cities, as they know that living in Manhattan means the ability to have an easy commute to work and access to many nearby arts institutions.

When looking for an apartment in this region, it is often very helpful to work with a skilled real estate company run by those who know the area well. Those in search of the right kind of investment have often found themselves turning to those at TOWN Residential Real Estate for help in navigating the complicated New York City real estate market. They know that working with the agents at this firm means working with people who are devoted to helping any client find the right kind of townhouse or apartment for their specific real estate plans and their family.

Staffers at TOWN know that people who are looking to buy in this part of the US aim to get value and also want a home that will allow them to do things such as entertain guests and get access to good schools at the same time. This is why they work hard to help all of their clients locate the ideal kind of property for their specific live plans. Many buyers need to have someone on their side who knows exactly how to find the ideal apartment for them. This is why their agents have been so very successful here.