EOS Lip Balm Provides Bountiful Flavors to the Youth

EOS Lip Balm is getting a lot of buzz today. This is one of the most interesting brands of lip chat on the market. It has become a true resource for all of those that are trying to make sure that they have smooth kissable lips for the blistering cold winter months. This is how the commercials run. It is the Facebook and other social media advertising with a growing number of flavors that makes lip balm popular. It has become easier for people to recognize the EOS lip balm because this is something out the ordinary.

The lip balm industry is changing, and EOS Lip Balm is the company that appears to just be taking the lead. It is very obvious that this company is out to take the lead because it is one of the few companies that actually has a full marketing campaign. Other companies like ChapStick and Burt’s Bees are just hanging around and waiting on brand recognition to get the attention of fans. Realistically, the founders of EOS Lip Balm are much more interested in building an audience through marketing and social media, and the EOS Lip Balm flavors, https://evolutionofsmooth.ca/lip-balm.html, are leading the way to gaining more customers.

Well, the EOS brand has evolved into this company that has Black Nectar and Strawberry Sorbet flavors. There are some interesting sphere lip balm flavors that are appealing to large crowds. This means that EOS is the type of lip balm that will attract the attention of many young people. There are kids that are going to go wild for these flavors. There are also young adults that are going to be thrilled by having so many new EOS lip balm flavors to try. This is what has made people move in the direction of this brand and look forward to more flavors.

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Better Investment with Martin Lustgarten

Martin Lustgarten is a well-known entrepreneur and professional investor from Florida. He is the founder of Martin Lustgarten Investment Banking Firm and acts as the chief executive officer, he is well recognized for his hard work and dedication in investment banking. He has developed his staff and many other allies in matters concerning investment banking, through his best results he has been providing for years he is reflected to be one of the successful investors in investment banking.

He is a devoted consultant to his customers that consist of a large organization, new investors, entrepreneurs and business owner. He prospers in dealing with challenging business and supports his customers to attain their investment aims. He has a lot of wealth in different countries, global investment inspires him to invest all over and extend his fortune. Due to his dedication in investment banking he is able to get the modern features of investment and also recognizing any demise of investment banking when it happens therefore making his clients looking for him for consultancy.

Investment banking is basically funding various corporate and government regarding capital, it contributes in buying, restructuring and joining companies together and many investors. A lot of people are investing nowadays because in their own perception it’s a tactic that helps them in eluding making a small amount of money that they are getting in order for them to create a better life.

He helps business to attain their goals and discovering different methods to achieve them as well as to support and take their business into the society for stock sales. He took a lot of time in teaching the community the manner in which the investment banking runs, when to anticipate and what to expect. Due to the improvement of budgets many people are viewing the coming generation by investing. Martin Lustgarten is a huge follower in global investment and apart from being a successful investor he is also a traveler and gifted juggler.


The Inspirational Etrepreneurship of Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky is an extremely successful American entrepreneur. Starting as a simple carpet salesman in Michigan, Lefkofsky worked his way through the business ranks to eventually co-found Tempus, a tech company based on fighting cancer. His success story is an example of how attainable the American dream actually is. Young entrepreneurs have a great deal to learn from studying the life and work of Eric Lefkofsky.

Pre-Bubble Success

Previous to finding huge success, Lefkofsky created several companies that would help him climb the latter to greatness. His first successful company was Starbelly a company that focused on promoting products. Following the success of Starbelly Lefkofsky would go on to co-found InnerWorkings, a marketing business headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. His success did not stop there as he would go on to find Groupon, which would become the most successful startup that Eric Lefkofsky would find, even earning a $6 billion offer from Google.

Success and Philanthropy with Tempus

Eric Lefkofsky co-founded Tempus as a means to address the growing need of advanced technology in the treatment of cancer. Tempus provides services to medical facilities and their physicians through the utilization of its progressive technologies. These technologies include but are not limited to genome sequencing and data analysis. As Tempus’s CEO, Lefkofsky acts as the main conduit between Tempus and the physicians who utilize its services. His presence allows Tempus to succeed and acquire the proper funding needed to maintain its lofty goals.

An Inspiration for Young Entrepreneurs

It is amazing to think that Eric Lefkofsky started as a highly driven carpet salesman at the University of Michigan and worked his way to become the CEO and Co-Founder of Groupon and Tempus. The companies he co-founded have a combined worth of billions of dollars. All that Lefkofsky has achieved has been done through hard work and determination to meet his goals. His story is a fantastic success story for young entrepreneurs looking forward to carving their own path of success in life. Students are even able to learn how to find success directly from Lefkofsky at the University of Chicago where he teaches several courses on entrepreneurship.

A Promising Philanthropic Future

Eric Lefkofsky now chooses to focus his efforts on projects that help others. His work helping others can be seen in the trust created with his wife titled the “Lefkofsky Foundation” which was created with the intent to support and educate underprivileged children. Lefkofsky also chooses to sit on many boards serving foundations in need of his support. His focus continues to be on projects that help educate communities in Chicago.

Whatever his goals may be; Eric Lefkofsky continues to be a fantastic role model for young entrepreneurs across the country.

Funding and Development Seeing Major Increases for Unprecedented Educational Platform; ClassDojo

Hasn’t every parent with a child attending school thought at least once how great it would be to have a connection between their child, and their child’s teacher, on a daily basis, instead of finding out about hitches in the education process at annual parent/teacher meetings? A program developed by Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don named ClassDojo seeks to close the rift between teachers, parents, and students by providing a ground-up change in the way connections develop between the three. The program can be used to make class room schedules and activities known to parents, send photos or videos of student’s work or class participation, and may even provide a way for parents to pay for things such as field trips, supplies, or food, over their phone.

Raising twenty one million in a second series of venture funding rounds, the educational tech company has raised a total of thirty one million in funding thus far. Cofounders Chaudhary and Don have said they are using the invested capital to not only add additional members to their team of developers and programmers, but also to find out just what features parents using the program at home will find most useful. Currently, ClassDojo is used in 85,000 public, private and charter schools, 2 in 3 schools in America, though the company has yet to generate revenue. Chaudhary says he doesn’t expect the company to begin seeing returns on investments until next year and that any monetization needs to driven by what teachers, parents, and students need most from the program.

Founded in 2011, ClassDojo was originally focused on creating a positive culture within classrooms and schools. Thanks to the program’s growth mindset videos, ClassDojo has proven to be an excellent way for improving student’s emotional and social skills within the classroom and lowering bullying rates in schools where the program is used. While that aspect of the program has seen further development through videos, games, and activities for students, another facet of the program that schools are excited about is the communication platform between parents, students, and teachers. Ultimately, the goal of ClassDojo is that of creating community to enhance the educational process for the connection and empowerment of all involved.

ClassDojo is currently committed to providing its services to more and more teachers and schools to further develop the program’s educational, community building, and societal and emotional growth enhancing features. Chaudhary says he sees the program’s growth being analogous with that of social media platforms, though based in the education industry. When he says it’s not hard to imagine parents using the program, he’s right, as it seems ClassDojo is every parent’s dream when it comes to staying connected to their child’s education.

Capitol Anesthesiology Is Involved In Philanthropic Ventures

If you take a look at Capitol Anesthesiology’s website, you fill find a long list of philanthropic organizations that they have been involved in. The company is located in Austin, Texas and they offer private anesthetic services to a variety of hospitals and organizations in Texas.

The Austin Plastic Surgery Foundation is a foundation that they are actively involved with. The foundation is dedicated towards providing reconstruction surgeries to children that need cleft lip and palate repairs. The company provides their services for this foundation.

They had also been supporters of the Dell Children’s Surgical Global Outreach. This program provides quality medical treatment to children from poor countries. Capitol Anesthesiology has actively provided medical services for their cause as well.

Operation Smile is another organization that provides cleft lip and palate surgeries. They mostly operate in third world and developing countries. They now have a presence in over 60 different countries and since they started in 1982. Capitol Anesthesiology has provided medical services to this organization.

Capitol Anesthesiology has contracts to provide medical services for several hospitals in Central Texas. The Seton Medical Center, Seton Shoal Creek Hospital, and the Cedar Park Regional Medical Center are a few examples. They also provide anesthetic services for ambulatory surgery centers such as the Northwest Surgery Center, the Meridian Plastic Surgery Center, Northwest Hills Surgical Hospital, Central Park Surgery Center and many others in the area.

Follow them on Twitter at @capanesth.

Making Research Easy

Wessex eLibrary is focused on providing top quality information, and in an easy to access manner. The institution uploads all past articles from the WIT press. These articles are peer reviewed making them perfect for your research paper. The archives ranges from 1993 to 2016 and is continuing to grow. Currently sitting at over 30,000 entries, the Wessex Institute of Technology eLibrary has articles on a number of topics. There is a broad range of topics that you can find information on from Ecology on the Environment to Engineering Science.

The great thing about the Wessex eLibrary, outside of the fact that all the information is peer reviewed, so you know it can be trusted, is the fact of how easy it is to access. Since it is online you can get to it from any computer that has internet access. This means you aren’t restricted to using just a computer on campus, but you can get onto it when you are at home doing last minute research. The Wessex eLibrary makes research easy, and is full of a boat load of valuable and accurate information, that can be used anytime.

Desiree Perez And Her Battle To Save Tidal

Desiree Perez is a business woman with intelligence, experience and common sense. She is managing a business for Jay Z called Roc Nation. She is also the current manager of Tidal. Tidal specializes in music streaming and Desiree is trying to keep it from going under. Tidal is under a lot of scrutiny right now from their competition because there are rumors the company is not going to survive. Desiree is responsible for Tidal still being around as well as helping Jay Z with new and improved plans for the music streaming industry.

There are rumors that Google, Samsung and Spotify have all had discussions with Desiree about taking over her company. Softbank and Sprint were also interested in acquiring Tidal but it looks as if Desiree has already turned down their offers. Upon the original creation of Tidal the company had a value of one-hundred million dollars. Unfortunately the company has lost approximately ten million dollars a years in the time since. The hope was that the limited artist releases from Rihanna, Kayne and Beyoncé would turn the company around. So far this strategy is not working.

Tidal’s future rests in the hands of Desiree Perez. She is a master at negotiations, an extremely powerful business woman and the power punch backing the rapper Jay Z Carter. If the current rumors are correct making a deal with Spotify would actually be an excellent move for Desiree and the future of Tidal. Spotify is not interested in buying Tidal. They want to become their partner. The name of the company would be changed from Tidal to Tidal powered by Spotify if an agreement can be reached. There is no doubt that Desiree will find the best possible solution to insure the future of Tidal. She has a lot of experience in effectively handling business related matters with style and success.

Despite the struggle Tidal is currently experiencing the company is still quite valuable. They have the exclusive rights to numerous artists with large fan bases. These fan are pursuing the releases of their favorite artists. There is also the possibility that because of this Desiree may still find a way to use these releases in the future to save the company. Desiree and Jay Z are experiencing a lot of pressure with the situation concerning Tidal. They are coping with the pressure and planning for the future. Only time will tell if they succeed.

Moving at the Speed of Entertainment, Billy McFarland is Already Improving Magnises

Magnises, which is a fictitious name for a very real and active company, is a huge hit in NYC and Washington DC with the Millenial crowd. Young entrepreneur and founder Billy McFarland has tapped into a fantastic way of connecting those with an active lifestyle in the entertainment scene who are already successful in their careers.

In 2013, Billy McFarland released Magnises because he discovered the inability for people to connect in large cities. He formed an elite group to share similar likes and dislikes in real life. Today, there are over 10,000 members in Magnises.

Billy’s Career History

McFarland is a young, successful NYC entrepreneur, and he has been creating businesses on the Internet since he was nine years old. His first online company was created to connect clients to designers.

When he was 17 he started a new company with a self-designed name called Spling. Spling transformed text URLs into graphics and displayed them on international online bulletin boards. Spling was a success, and McFarland sold the company at a great profit. Billy’s tip for young business entrepreneurs is to work fast and be willing to try new approaches, ideas, and methods.

Magnises Attracts the Upcoming Generation With Fun and Excitement

Billy excels in connecting people, places, and things by bringing them together to share concepts and ideas. McFarland has incorporated these concepts into this club that shares a lifestyle of parties, dining out in trendy restaurants, concerts, sporting events and more into Magnises.

Billy makes it easy with one black card that identifies members. They are able to download their favorite card information and use it anywhere. The card also allows Billy to receive feedback from the members on the events, discounts, and products they’d like in the club and on the app.

Currently, Billy is expanding his unique club from NYC and DC to other cities along the east coast. McFarland plans to open Magnises in many cities across the U.S. and then go global so that this extravagant and elite club. It can be available for the crowd that wants it. As of date, Magnises is expanding.

The Expertise of the Sujit Choudhry in Comparative Law

Comparative law is a specialty that primarily deals with research and comparison of how different nations and cultures have developed their legal structures. The primary focus of this discipline is in the laws that are used across the globe, and they include common law, Islamic law, socialist law, civil law, Hindu law, Canon law, Jewish law, and Chinese law. The study has been examining a wide variety of legal system to notice their disparities and similarities even when they are not clear. The sector’s experts have an excellent understanding of a variety of constitutional viewpoints, their diversity, and how they can be altered to create one uniform system that can serve the globe. The current changes in the world such as democratization, economic, globalization of the economy, and internationalism have led to the popularity of the study of comparative law.

Different sections of the comparative law have recently developed, and they are based on various fields such as constitutional, civil, constitutional, commercial, and administrative legal disciplines. The subject can also be divided into micro-comparative and comparative. The main reason why scholars conduct much research in these fields is to comprehend how the legal systems work, to better the functionality of various legal structures, and to syncretize the laws of different places.

Sujit Choudhry is a well-respected law scholar. He formerly worked as the Dean of Berkeley Law, and he is currently the I. Michael Heyman law professor. Choudhry has been acknowledged across the globe as being one of the leading authorities on comparative constitutional law. Key areas that he has specialized in studying are focused on the technical question of comparative constitutional law. His other achievements include being the author and publisher of over ninety working papers, book chapters, reports, and articles.

Choudhry has also been involved in the Center for Constitutional Transitions, and he is currently serving it as a founding partner. The organization was the first university-based on the globe that creates and issues knowledge that is essential in enhancing how various constitutions work. Sujit serves the United Nations Meditation Roster and has been facilitating it in providing guidance on creating constitutional amendments in Tunisia, Libya, Sri Lanka, Jordan, Nepal, and Egypt. His role was also crucial in the transformation of the Toronto Municipal administration via the Governing Toronto Advisory Panel. Sujit Choudhry holds various degrees in law from different universities such as Toronto, Harvard, and Oxford.

Securus disavows Inaccuracies in Press Release Made by GTL

When it comes to providing advanced technology setups for public safety, corrections, investigations and monitoring, Securus are a definite industry leader. And in the pursuit for success, it is inevitable that one would disgruntle a few rivals leading to legal squabbles. A perfect example is the recent press release by Global Tel Link that Securus has greatly dismissed as inaccurate.


The first claim by GTL was that they had received a go ahead by the US Patent Trial and Appeals Board to carry on with bans and compensation on an infringement lawsuit they filed on Securus. In their defense, Securus vows that the said lawsuit, filed in a Texas court, was in fact halted and GTL cannot pursue the claims they seek.


Another allegation from GTL was that PTAB protected the 55 claims they laid on the video visitation monitoring technology supposedly stolen by Securus. This is not true according to Securus, as the civil and criminal justice tech solution company confirmed that GTL only have one valid claim and not the alleged 55.


Still on this allegation, GTL put forward a third false statement. Global Tel Link claimed that the PTAB had approved all their innovations as patentable thus they could move to court against Securus for nicking their technology. But Securus has a different story, clearing the air by remarking that PTAB concluded they were not going to review the claims. Thus PTAB did not approve any innovation from GTL once again putting the rival tech company on the spot for falsified statements.


One last blow dealt by GTL was a public announcement that they will get Securus to strip off their patented technology, from their video visitation service once their claims are granted. Securus on the other hand was quick to correct that GTL haven’t received the grant they seek and even worse, the innovation they claim stolen has not been put to use yet. Thus there are no grounds for infringement as GTL is claiming.


Securus Technologies are confident that every bit of innovation used on their video services are their own ingenuity. They even challenged GTL to a conquest to prove how the said innovations work.