Online Reputation Management For Business Success

Are you worried about what people think about your business or your products? Do you want to make sure that only the best content about you or your company is shown to Internet searchers? Want to hire a professional online reputation management team?

Just like any other instance, having a good online reputation is equally crucial so as to build healthy business relationships and improve profit margins. Especially in present time, when the world is largely compressed to internet, every information spreads faster and it puts an organization’s business at risk if the reputation is not in a good light.

Online credibility and reputation management approaches are increasing in global acceptance, in response to impending dangers to online privacy and people’s good names. Many people go online to research companies and various products before making a purchase. That is why you need to be sure that your company has a good image online.

Depending on the amount of your time and energy you invested in social media sites marketing or advertising, you may discover that there are forces at play that are out to get you. Business rivals, former co-workers, even complete strangers are regularly trolling social media networks and other online sites looking for ways to make you look bad.

So what can you do to safeguard yourself against this cyberspace reality? One solution is to go the experts and have them manage your online reputation. However, if you are a modern entrepreneur, not using online promoting and marketing methods to produce leads and grow your business is increasingly impractical. Take steps to set up a system that can protect your online image and help you to build a good brand.

Reputation management professionals will guide you in setting up the right reputation management system for your company or organization. The use of social media network sites and related resources have proven to be a fabulous way to convey an impressive image about your brand or business. Consult with reputation management firms who can help you set up a suitable systems at these sites.


Avi Weisfogel’s Contribution to the Community

Avi Weisfogel is a successful dentist and sleep physician based in Old Bridge, New Jersey. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Biology from Rutgers University and a Dentist degree from New York University. He started practicing dentistry in New Jersey soon after graduating from the university. He has always been an excellent dentist as he often received the Best Dentist title, even in his early years in the field. He has been active in this field for almost two decades now.


Winning Business Model


Dr. Avi Weisfogel is passionate about what he does and is always working to find ways of improving the industry. He has done a lot of research on the interrelationship between sleep problems and oral health and strives to help patients with sleep problems by sorting out their oral health issues. He started Dental Sleep Masters (DSM) in 2014. Its main aim is to educate other oral healthcare professionals on how they can improve their practices by adopting a business model he designed. This new model is focused on the wellbeing and satisfaction of patients while also driving up the business’s revenue.


Works of Charity


Avi Weisfogel is actively involved in various works of philanthropy. He recently opened a Go Fund Me page for Operation Smile, a charity that helps children and teens with cleft palates, cleft lips and other congenital facial deformities all around the world. He is also a supporter of the New York Rangers. The New York Rangers occasionally hosts youth hockey camps that aim to educate children and motivate them to take up hockey.


Social Media Presence


Dr. Weisfogel is very active on social media. He has a Facebook profile on which he shares pictures of himself and his lovely wife and photos taken at various DSM conferences. He also has a Tumblr blog where he talks about his business and shares educative content about sleep disorders and oral hygiene. He has a YouTube channel at through which he shares videos on various issues to do with his line of business.


Bottom Line


Dr. Weisfogel is an expert in his field and genuinely cares about the community at large. This is clearly seen in his efforts to educate patients on how to handle their sleep and dental problems, and physicians on how they can improve their services. He enjoys attending concerts and spending time with his wife and children during his free time.

Talk Fusion Is Recognized For Outstanding Developments

In recent news, Talk Fusion won the Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award for 2016 that was given by the Technology Marketing Corporations . This award is the second given to Talk Fusion by the company in this year.The award was meant to recognize outstanding services or products in the technology and communications field that have shown outstanding growth and improvements within the year. Talk Fusion allows the users to communicate by way of WebRTC technology and features video chat and other great features. Talk fusion is available for tablets, desktops, and smartphones. The app is easily downloaded and is found on Google Play and iTunes. Even though the platform is rather new having only been released in its full version in March 2016, it has become incredibly popular and is seeing a great amount activity from new users.


The Founder and CEO of Talk Fusion Bob Reina are excited about the recognition and about their continued growth recently. He says to expect a great deal more from them in the near future. The next big step for the company is an all in one video platform that encompasses marketing and communication. Currently, Talk Fusion is offering Free Trails with some of its incredible features that assist businesses with their marketing needs and they have also launched Talk Fusion Instant Pay as well.


Talk Fusion enables its users to increase their overall sales and make communications a breeze with their innovative solutions. The company was launched in 2007 by Bob Reina. It has enjoyed a great amount of success and will continue to create useful solutions for those wishing to get more out of their business.

The Billy McFarland Story Is Not Alice In Wonderland, But It Is Real

At first glance, many people might think that Billy McFarland is lucky, or perhaps that a rich relative set him up in business, but nothing could be further from the truth. His first business venture happened at the tender age of 13 when he started a business that found clients online for a designer.

When he was a freshman at Bucknell University he started Spling, which takes the URL of a company and turns it from a text format into a graphical mosaic which makes it more attractive to be used in different formats such as virtual bulletin boards. McFarland is still the CEO of that company with clients such as Discovery and Universal.

In 2013 McFarland hit a real home run by starting a company called Magnises, which has as its target market the millennial generation. This means that the market of young professionals and entrepreneurs, from age 21 to 35 are jumping aboard a new trend that is viral in its results to the max.

For just $250 a year, millennials can receive discounts to restaurants, clubs, bars, conference space, events, and concerts. According to Business Insider, what Billy McFarland has done is include trendy spots where the millennials are congregating anyway, and making them convenient and discounted at the same time.

The secret is The Black Card which has literally become the very thing to own in millennial circles. The Black Card is simply a transfer agent which copies the data from the member’s credit and debit card. The Black Card is then used as a credit card only with the appropriate discounts.

Magnises is currently operating in Washington DC and New York City. With an addition of $3 million of venture capital, expansion plans include Boston, Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angeles and London. McFarland is confident that his business model will work in those cities just as well as it is currently having success.

Millennials just love to get together and talk about themselves and to share their ideas. The Black Card has given them a great way to link up at the recreational haunts where they already like to go but at great discounts.

Similar to many other successful ventures, McFarland has taken a fresh idea and made it into reality with a good dose of ingenuity and hard work.

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How the U.S Money Reserve has Ventured in the Precious Metals Business.

Mr. Philip Diehl, who currently serves the U.S Money Reserve as its president, was recently featured in an interview that was held on the Enterprise Radio, which is a unit of the Entrepreneurial Podcast Network. The program was hosted by Eric Dye, and it offers a chance for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and leading businesspersons to interact and share information on their newest strategies, inventions, knowledge, products, and services. Philip formerly worked for the U.S Mint as its direct. He has attended many interviews this year, and the main topics that he has discussed include the progress of the gold sector, the services that the U.S Money Reserve offers to its clients, and his leadership experience.

Mr. Diehl has outstanding management skills. The U.S Mint recognizes him as the best director that has ever served it. He accomplished a lot during his tenure, and some of his achievements include assisting the firm to found the pioneer U.S government-issued platinum coin. Philip also played a significant role in the completion of the Fifty States Quarter program. During his time at the U.S Mint, Diehl worked hard to improve the customer service of the company, and this made it be recognized as one of the leading enterprises in the sector.

The administrator also uses the same business strategies of having excellent customer service at the U.S Money Reserve. The company is currently considered as a top supplier of government issued precious bullion, coins, and bars. It has created an IRA program that makes it possible for clients to buy and own valuable metals as a way of safeguarding their wealth.

The U.S Money Reserve is a reputable company that has specialized in the trade of gold, platinum, and gold currencies that are issued by the U.S government. The firm has been in business since 2001, and up to date, its services have been used by hundreds of thousands of clients from across the world. The U.S Money Reserve has hired professionals who have sufficient skills in the coin research and numismatics. The experts assist the company to acquire adequate knowledge about the state of the marketplace, and therefore, they can determine the products that can offer the highest profits to individuals who are in the gold business. The main premises of the company are based in Austin, Texas. The U.S Money Reserve is a socially responsible company, and its has been funding various community undertakings in Texas.

Securus is Accredited by Better Business Bureau

Securus Technologies is an American technology company with headquarters in Dallas, Texas. It was founded in 1986 and has regional offices in Carrollton, Texas, Atlanta Georgia, and Allen, Texas. Securus specializes in criminal and civil justice technology solutions for investigation, correction, monitoring and public safety. So far, the company boasts of over 1,000 employees and contracts with 2,600 correctional facilities across the United States and Canada. In July 2016, the company announced a $600 million investment in technologies, acquisitions, and patents in just three years.


Better Business Bureau (BBB) Accreditation


On May 12, 2016, we received accreditation from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) with an A+ rating. Danny de Hoyos, our Senior Vice President of Operations, stated how hard we have worked to not only acquire the accreditation but to also achieve the highest rating (A+).


Better Business Bureau Requirements


The following are among the standards that Securus has met as required by the Bureau:


The building of Trust: we have established and maintained a positive track record throughout the years within the technology marketplace.


Honesty in Advertisement: We have adhered to establishing standards of advertising and marketing.


Truthfulness – Honesty has been our representation in products and services. That includes clear and adequate disclosure of every item we sell.


Other requirements are Transparency, Honoring promises, Responsiveness, Safeguarding privacy, and upholding Integrity.



To improve customer service to over 25 million friends and families of inmates, Securus put up a 220 seat in-house call center. This gave more control over customer service with trained customer care representatives that understand the BBB requirements. They handle approximately 2.5 million calls every month by a significant resolution rate of 99% and customer satisfaction score of 4.3 out of the possible 5.


The accreditation received is a testament to our honest service to the correctional facilities and the public at large. BBB accreditation means they have independently verified and found our resolutions to be true, unlike some of our competitors who make wild statements of their capabilities and fail to deliver.


Venezuelan Artist NorkaLuque is Destined for International Stardom

The Country Music Awards in Nashville is always a star-studded event. But the Telemundo Latin Music Awards show is also filled with great music and a group of talented artists that keep the Latin music scene alive. The Latin Music Awards honor the most influential Latino as well as non-Latino artists in the business every year. The musical artists that take part in the Latin Music Awards sing in Spanish as well as English. The show is broadcasted live every year on the Telemundo network. This year, artists like Enrique Iglesias, the big winner of the 2015 LMA will perform. He was named the artist of the year, and the favorite male artist in 2015, and his song, “El perdón” won song of the year, single of the year, favorite streaming song and favorite collaboration. This year’s award show includes performances by Paulina Rubio, Natalie La Rose, Daddy Yankee, Gloria Trevi and Lil Jon.

In 2011, Venezuelan songstress, NorkaLuque, was nominated for the best female artist of the year at the Latin Music Awards. Norka’s performance was the highlight of the show that year. Norka was a newcomer to the Latin music world in 2011, but she performed like a seasoned veteran. Her rise to the top of the Latin music world wasn’t a surprise to people like Emilio Estefan, Gloria Estefan, Ricky Martin and Shakira. Those artists knew she was destined for stardom when they first heard her sing a few years earlier. Emilio Estefan and Archie Pena are responsible for bringing out the best in her. Estefan, Pena, and Luque continue to collaborate. Even though Norka was not nominated for a Latin music Award in 2016, her music is still being played on radio stations and in nightclubs in the Latino community.

The Norka Luque story is not the story of an artist that came from the poverty-stricken country of Venezuela and then entered the musical spotlight. Norka was cast for a part in a musical when she was eight, and that was when she knew she was going to be a performer like her idol, Shakira. Her parents moved to Florida, so she could go to school and be trained to play the piano and sing professionally.

Norka continued her education in France. She studied business, fashion, and the culinary arts there, and she was the lead singer of group called “Bad Moon Rising during those years. In 2008, she returned to the states, and she got a job singing on South Beach. That’s when Emilio Estefan decided to offer her a recording contract.

The European Union Could Help The Ukraine Debt Situation According To George Soros

Ukraine’s conflict with Russia has displaced more than 1.4 million people on, and more than 1.8 million people are unemployed. Some economic experts believe the Ukraine should get visa-free entry into the European Union and George Soros, the philanthropist, humanitarian, and hedge fund investor does too. In fact, Soros has been talking about the Ukraine participating in the EU for over a year. The prime minister of Hungary is for that proposal, but Hungary is dead set against a relocation quota program.

Hungary is the country where George Soros was born. Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán made that relocation point clear when he arrived for a two-day summit of European Union leaders and prime ministers in Brussels recently. The Ukraine needs debt relief. The United States stepped up and gave the country more than $335 million for security and additional armed forces. More than $1 billion has been offered by international leaders, but the Ukraine must get rid of the corruption that is running rampant in Kyiv before the country receives that money. Kyiv is dependent on financial assistance from the International Monetary Fund. The Ukraine has received $6.7 billion of the $17.5 billion 2015 bailout package, according to Soros.

Read more: Ukraine Deserves Debt Relief

George Soros has been trying to get the European Union to look at its internal policies for years. Soros has even predicted the demise of the European Union unless EU leaders change their policy on migration, member debt, and the current economic plan. George Soros is an American citizen that believes the open border policy must continue in the EU. Soros also believes that members like Spain, Ireland, Portugal, Greece, and others are must get their financial house in order, using strong spending cuts. If the current debt situation in the EU continues, Soros thinks the EU may not exist in five years.

The debt situation in Europe has kept the euro from appreciating, and the recent Brexit vote is not helping the situation either. No one in the EU is sure what will happen when Britain leaves the EU. Most members say it will have little impact on the group, but Soros and other believe it will weaken the EU even further.

It’s not unusual for George Soros to voice his opinion about the economic and political issues that have or will have an impact on the global economy. Soros is one of the world’s top hedge fund investors, and he is credited with spreading Democracy and freedom through his Open Society Foundation to more than 100 countries around the world. Soros knows how to make money, but he also knows how to bring countries together. The open border policy that Hillary Clinton has been talking about during her campaign is a George Soros idea that Clinton has embraced. Soros has donated more than $8 million to Clinton’s campaign.

No one is sure what Russia will do when it comes to the Ukraine, but according to George Soros, the Ukraine must be allowed to participate in the European Union if it ever expects to get out of debt.

Devco Wants To Help Any City That Needs To Develop

Devco knows that it can help a lot of cities that are trying to do development, and they think that the best way to help is to come out with a loan and plan for the project. The Press of Atlantic City has reported on this before, but it is important for people to remember that they can get the loans they need no matter what the circumstance is.

There are just too many things to consider when the development is done, and it only makes sense for these cities to come to Devco and ask how they would do the work that needs to be done. Someone who is very invested in making sure that they can get the right kinds of development done should ask Devco for advice, and then Devco will show what they would do to make the project work.

Everyone who wants to get a loan from Devco can get a loan that will help them make sure that they can be as functional as possible. There are a lot of building projects that people can do when they are trying to get results, and they have to see what can be done to make sure that they have built the right thing. They will be able to build hotels or casinos that will be tourist destinations, and they will find out what can be done to make it easier for everyone to build something that makes the most sense for that city.

The city can bring in a lot of jobs, and they can get more people to come out and build their own things just because of the project. There will be retail jobs, and there will be better places to live. Everyone who is trying to make sure that they can get the best building projects done can work with Devco.




Richard Blair’s 20 Years of Experience in a Nutshell

One of Richard’s greatest success stories is the founding of Wealth Solutions, Inc. Wealth Solutions is a fully registered Investment Advisory Firm. They mostly provide comprehensive and personalized financial planning for their clients.

There is clientele is mostly comprised of rich families and individuals and small business owners who are based in Austin, Texas and the surrounding areas; the surrounding areas being Marble Falls, Houston, Bastrop, New Braunfels, and Georgetown. As a financial advisor with over 20 years of work experience in the financial services industry, he leads the Austin-based industry with little effort.

Richard understands how often the financial markets change and believes that if a financial advisory company is not willing to change with it, it will fail. Blair personally makes sure that his company has the ability to adapt and evolve with the ever-changing financial environment. The firm explores every possible avenue to ensure it is offering its clients the most dynamic and conservative investment solutions possible.

The goal is to find a solution that will allow their client to share in the upside of the investment while at the same time ensure that the risk involved is kept to a minimal. Most of their clients’ goals involve planning for retirement while also ensuring that they leave a legacy behind for their heirs. Much of the firm is dedicated to finding solutions that allow their clients to pursue their retirement goals in a way that leaves everyone satisfied.

When Richard Blair Wealth Solutions, he wanted to make an impactful difference in the financial industry. Rather than try to dominate the industry and change it by force, he figured out that the best way to bring about change is by educating more people on how the financial industry works. He took his own personal love of education and combined it with his natural aptitude for finance.

Richaird learned from a very young age how effective education can be. It can greatly impact one’s knowledge and confidence in ways that can be potentially limitless.

Immediately following his graduation from college, he entered the financial services industry. It didn’t take long after that that he was founding his own firm, Wealth Solutions, Inc. His firm wanted to offer unbiased and objective advice to their clients. His firm’s main focus was ensuring no conflicts of interest.